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a question for you javascript/html5 guys/dolls

I found this code for “raw html” in wordpress to create a drop-down card with image and text when you hover over the button. Trying to figure out how to change this code so that the card drops down when you click the button instead of hover? here’s my suggested code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <title>W3.CSS</title> […]

I learned a new word today

Incongruity The relevant use of this term in business is something that just doesn’t make sense. 1. Economics I feel we’re pretty lucky in New Zealand, that though the world economy is fraught with problems, many of our economical institutions and constructs seem to work. Which poses a dilemma for me, because without a problem […]

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I started this blog having written about 10 small programs in Python and getting most of them to work – 90 pages into my first python book.

I started to code in BASIC on a BBC Micro emulator (mostly making sprites. And I started building a boxing game, then turned it into the beginnings of a pong game with the faces for balls. A little bit of sound and mathematical psychedelic animated patterns.) on my family Acorn Archimedes. Which helped me get the high score in high school algebra – 98%. Many years later and after moving away from maths into creative fields, I failed at C# then I did a few days with C++ and Javascript and liked them but then I found python and fell in love, but Javascript seems faster – I have achieved proficiency in Javascript (tested on pluralsight) – but I’m still a beginner at it. So I’ve been doing python for about 8 months (not every day or even every week, but my plan was to do an hour of coding every day. My plan now is to do 2-3hrs/day for 1 day/wk) and got as far as 84pgs into my first python book including assignments (I went back to the beginning after a break to refresh.)

My goal is to use Javascript and game engines to build prototypes, game demos and finished games and software; to build my own indie video games based on my art, writing and design in Javascript.

I started out in Python – it is a language I still love, however: now I’m studying Javascript.

I’ll talk about things I did wrong and what I learned. Both in game dev/software dev and business concepts. Hopefully I can chart my progression on this blog.

For more of my stuff check out my website: http://crewmike.com